Behind Closed Doors

As you know, the Museum is closed for the summer. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything going on. In fact, the summer closure is a critical and exciting time for the Museum staff and volunteers (well those who haven’t departed for cooler climes). So if you’ve ever wondered what goes on while the Museum is closed, we invite you to read along to learn what really happens behind closed doors!


Long before the actual closure date arrives, Evelyn (the Museum’s Executive Director), members of the Board and staff, along with volunteers, start to plan changes for the next season. These changes cover many areas. Most prominent and visible to members and visitors is the creation of new exhibits. Much time is spent securing the artifacts and developing the story line for the new exhibits. Also, space has to be cleared for the new exhibits. As you can see, last season’s turn of the century office is already gone!

IMG_1275 Former TOC Office Space







In addition to adding new exhibits, the Archaeology and Pioneer Wing collections are refreshed. Outside, work continues on the Golden Reef Stamp Mill restoration project all-be-it at a slower pace.

IMG_1272 Aud 1

What may not be so visible when you next visit are all the other activities that take place in order to keep the Museum a viable community resource. For instance, we are working on several operational projects behind the scenes. Our IT staff is upgrading our computers to Windows 8. And speaking of IT, we are also in the process of introducing a new and more user friendly events calendar for our website. And in order to implement that new calendar, we are already pulling together an events schedule for next season. Then there is building maintenance which covers repairs, cleaning, furniture rearrangement and painting. And exhibit changes require that we prepare and deliver training to our docents so that they can make your visit more enjoyable.


Well, that covers most of it. We hope that you have a greater appreciation for what goes on behind closed doors. And we look forward to seeing you when we reopen in October!



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